The National Art Honors Society Commences Their Latest Obstacle

Courtesy of A. Cuozzo

Nicolina Bilella, Staff Writer

The Charles Street Times has talked to Kelly Gleeson about the newest project taken on by the National Art Honors Society: delivering art supplies to the schools in Lindenhurst or fully remote students. However that only applies to students taking some sort of art class.

What is been provided
-colored pencils
-fulltonal pencils
-pencil sharpeners
-Origami paper
-Items schools are running low on

Fine Arts Coordinator, Jon Trapani, took on the responsibility of providing individual Art Supplies Kits for every student currently enrolled in Art classes whether full remote or in class.  This was a huge undertaking, but it’s something that will definitely make the difference in the lives of these students.

Then the National Art Honors Society stepped in and helped organizing the supplies and labeling the end product. That objective required about five people. NAHS President Kelly Gleeson, explained that all members work together well and were easy to get along with.

Mrs. Cuozzo, advisor to the club created a list for when and who would be entering the Administration building.  She described the process for those working on the project.  “Each day 3-9 students would go to the Administration Building, adhering to COVID requirements. The students would be met by Mr. Trapani and Mrs. Cacace. They would then instruct the students on what supplies went where and how many kits for each building needed to be filled.   They would stay for up to two hours to put hundreds of supply kits together for the HS and MS art students.  The NAHS student volunteers were given credit towards Community Service which is a criteria for the NAHS Charter.”

The National Art Honor Society is centered around community service, and that has been a bit squashed with the whole pandemic. Opportunities and ideas are scarce, so the Safe Halloween back in October and projects such as this are great occasion for assisting others.

You may recall seeing the decorated the hallways during the holiday season. That is just one of the activities done by the National Art Honors Society here at LHS.

Kelly describes the club as, “a club that teaches creativity and awareness throughout your community whether it be the school or out into the world”. If this interests you, go to Mrs. Cuozzo, the advisor of the National Art Honors Society