New Album Releases

Adrian Borawski, Staff Writer

Now that the Covid vaccine is available, some restrictions might start to loosen.  However, the cancellation of concerts and live music performances at indoor and outdoor venues was something that hit music lovers hard for over a year now.  Although concerts have become a thing of the past, there is still good music being produced and released.

Foo Fighters have put out their tenth album, Medicine at Midnight, with nine songs on the album and it is 36 minutes long. Most people recognize Foo Fighters because Dave Grohl who is known as the drummer for Nirvana and now the lead guitarist and vocalist for the Foo Fighters. While recording, Grohl states the album was inspired by “Our love of rock bands that make these upbeat, up-tempo, almost dance-able records.”  The album features songs like “Shame Shame” and “No Son of Mine.”  This album was delayed due to Covid, as was the case for many artists; however, this album was released on February 5th 2021. 

Another popular band that is making an album releasing on May 7th, 2021 is Weezer. This album which is going to be called Van Weezer and will be the 15th album they have released. A couple of songs known are, “The End of The Game” and “Hero.” They named it Van Weezer because it’s a tribute album to the lead guitarist of Van Halen, Eddie Van Halen.  They put out their 14th album earlier this year called OK Human, which was also released in January 2021 becasue Van Weezer was postponed due to Covid.

Alice Cooper released an album on February 26, 2021  named Detroit Stories. There are 15 songs on the album and the whole album is 50 minutes long.  The label is earMUSIC and the album features songs such as: “Rock and Roll,” “Our Love Will Change the World,” and “Hail Mary.”  Their previous album before Detroit Stories is called Paranormal which was released in 2017. This album will be based on Detroit’s rock scene from the late 1960’s to the 1970’s, when people all over Detroit would listen to rock music.