The Return of Horror

The Return of Horror

Natalie Padro, Staff Writer

From Psycho to the Conjuring, horror movies have been produced for decades and each movie keeps revolutionizing the genre. One of the pioneers in Horror Movies was Alfred Hitchcock, with his critically acclaimed film, Psycho. He changed pop culture forever with this film; the horror genre was never the same. The movie created a new era for American films by inspiring future generations of directors, specifically with the infamous shower scene that changed cinematography.

This influenced many directors to create some of the most iconic horror movies like The Shining, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween, and Scream. These movies were all influential and introduced us to iconic scream queens like Neve Campbell and Jamie Lee Curtis. But the as years progressed horror movies lost it’s prominence as the genre and became to come out with movies that were just produced for the kills and gore and not for the plot. We’ve seen good movies come out here and there but none memorable or incredibly amazing.

But, in recent years horror movies have made a comeback and established itself as a prominent genre again. One of the comeback movies being Jordan Peeles, Get Out. He was able to revolutionize horror movies by using a unique situation to address the real life horrors. The tropes and cliches we are presented in horror movies don’t apply to this one, and we are able to see a new perspective.

This movie became a revival in the genre, even with prior movies like the Conjuring, which presented us a horrifyingly true story with real scares keeping us on the edge of seat. That movie left us wanting to see and hear more about Patrick and Lorraines haunting cases with ghosts and demonic sprits. With this revival in the genre, we got a new generation of scream queens like X star, Mia Goth and Scream 5 star, Jenna Ortega. We see all of this rising talent in the horror genre along with original and fanomenal movies like Barbarian, Pearl, Midsommar, Us, and Fresh. With the release of new horror movies we’ll continue to be horrified for years to come.