The Swimmers Review


Michelle Estevez, Staff Writer

Pure bliss, laughing, having fun, and not yet knowing the very real thought of war is how The Swimmers starts off. Determination, will power, and hope are the emotions displayed throughout the Mardini sisters journey to find their freedom in the movie. In this very real and inspirational sport drama, director Sally El Hosiani, holds no details back about the reality of what millions of people have to go through everyday.

The movie starts off with Yursa Mardini (Nathalie Issa) and Sara Mardini (Manal Issa) being faced with the difficult choice of leaving their war torn country, Syria, in hope of freedom. Leaving behind their mother, father, and younger sisterthe sisters and their cousin embark on the 25 day journey that would change their lives.
This story follows the Mardini sisters as they face a complicated seaward journey to Greeceendless nights of walking and juggling the unknownall while trying to find the determination to reach their goal of competing in the Olympics.

Most times it’s hard to put a true story on the screen and execute it so beautifully, but with amazing visuals and fun character dynamics, The Swimmers did it right. It truly conveys the inspiring story of the 25 day journey the Mardini sisters had to take to seize their freedom while they had the chance.

Aswell as highlighting Yursa’s story and Sara’s determination to not only reach freedom, but the Olympics, the movie also showcases the story of what millions of refugees had to go through.

The Swimmers is now on Netflix for all to enjoy.