Open Up Your Music Taste with These Bands and Artists from the 60s to 90s


Julian Barron, Staff Writer

Have you ever wondered if the music your parents listen to is any good? Well, let me tell you, it sure is! In this article, we will examine some music from way back when. Artists and bands that will be included are: Zeal & Ardor, Metallica, Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, and Nirvana.

Zeal & Ardor is a Swiss metal band.  They created the album “Devil is Fine” and the song “Ship on Fire,” which are both amazing. The inspiration for their music came from Twitter comments when the band had asked their fans what music they should  make. They were told to create black metal. Therefore, they created music that has African-American spiritual sounds with black metal. It helps to highlight and represent the African-American culture through music.

Metallica, a heavy metal band, has been making music for a long time. They have came out with many hits such as “Enter Sandman” and “One.” Their new album is called “S&M2,” which stands for San Francisco Symphony and Metallica. Music on this album is reworked from their original “S&M” album. Both albums were recorded live from San Francisco. A new song added to the album is “The Iron Foundry, Opus 19,” as it puts a metal twist on an a song from 1927.

Though metal music is very good, there are also other genres that are just as good. Jimi Hendrix was a guitarist, singer, and songwriter from the 60s. One cover he is known for is”All Along the Watchtower,” with his own flare to it. Even though he only played for four years before he died, he is considered one of the most influential music artists ever. Hendrix became a psychedelic rock icon. He played in five different bands and was so good at playing guitar, that he could play most parts of his songs with his teeth and with his guitar behind his head. Also, he was left handed, but he played with a right handed guitar that he restrung to play with his left.

The Rolling Stones is a rock band that has been making music for six decades. They released some new singles that the fans adore. One of their new singles, “Ghost Town” is about how the isolation of the pandemic can lead to a feeling of loneliness. Another rock band was Nirvana. Popular songs from Nirvana are “Come As You Are” and “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” Kurt Cobain, guitarist, created the band and was the lead singer. They popularized grunge and alternative music. Nirvana catapulted alternative music into the mainstream with their second album, “Nevermind.” Unfortunately, the band broke up after the passing of Kurt Cobain, but their music is still enjoyed by many today.

In conclusion, there are many good music artists and bands from the 60s to the 90s that either stopped making music or continue to make music that are enjoyed by many today. Make sure to give them a listen!