Pedro Pascal– Actor and Activist


Erin Holzwarth, Staff Writer

With the premiere of HBO’s ‘The Last Of Us’ this past Sunday, starring Pedro Pescal, many people are becoming even bigger fans of the popular actor– and of his humanitarian efforts in particular.

Before he was The Mandalorian, Pascal was born José Pedro Balmaceda Pascal, in Santiago, Chile. His parents were supporters of Chile’s socialist president in the early 70’s, and when Augusto Pinochet took over the country in a military dictatorship, back in 1973, they became refugees– eventually, they’d be granted asylum in Denmark, before moving to California.

Because of this, Pascal has become known as an enthusiastic supporter of Refugees, citing that the only reason he has the life he does was because his own parents were refugees.

In addition to his support of refugees, Pascal has been outwardly supportive of the Black Lives Matter movement, as he was seen attending various protests and rallies around the country, as well as posting many different educational resources and supportive posts to his social media accounts. By doing so, Pascal used his platform to spread a message that was important to him. He did similar posts back in June of 2022, when Roe V Wade was overturned, advocating for access to abortion and women’s rights.

Finally, it’s well known that Pascal is an adamant ally of the LGBT+ community. When his sister, Lux Pascal, came out publicly as transgender in February of 2021, she noted his support. “He has been an important part of this. He is also an artist and has been a guide,” She told a Spanish Magazine, “He was one of the first people who gave me the things to form identity.”

There’s no denying that Pedro Pascal is an incredibly talented performer, but to use his platform in order to spread social activism is something that is, unfortunately, less common. Other celebrities should follow his example, and use their own platform for good as well.