XT’s Newest Tour Announcement + Album Release


Karla Flores, Staff Writer

January was an exciting month for fans of TOMORROW X TOGETHER. The tour for 2023 was announced on January 15th while their newest comeback album, The Name Chapter: Temptations was soon to be released on the 27th of January. Additionally, this was the fastest TXT album to reach the #1 spot on Billboard 200. Not only was it the fastest, but it had the most album sales among their past albums.

The Name Chapter: Temptations consists of 5 incredible songs, which are around 3 minutes long each. Many hold the opinion that this album’s sound is a mixture of their past songs from The Dream Chapter: Eternity, and Minisode 2: Thursday’s Child. Definitely check them out if you haven’t already!

“Devil By The Window” starts off the track-list in a deep rock sound during the intro, which then transitions into harmonic vocals. The lyrics are about the devil’s temptation being hard to resist. The chorus is fun to sing along to as the pattern of the beat stays constant up until the bridge. The bridge of this song is THE BEST PART. The vocals are truly angelic and addicting, so you may find yourself putting this part on repeat!

The title track, “Sugar Rush Ride,” has a cheerful and nostalgic feel. It talks about a boy falling into sweet temptation. Before the chorus, it goes into an anti-drop which becomes satisfying throughout the song. The whistles in the background make this song stand out from the others on the track-list. Once again, the vocals are insanely addicting, and could be a great song to listen to while driving!

“Happy Fools” features artist Coi Leray and consists mostly of rap lyrics. This song is made up of upbeat instrumental that will get you energized. “Happy, happy, happy fools” is said multiple times in the song, it will surely be stuck in your head!

“Tinnitus” is the first song of theirs to fall into the Afro pop genre. When listening to this song, you will first notice how groovy it is. The lyrics flow with the rhythm perfectly and will never fail to get your head bopping and hips moving. The attractive lyrics may have you listening more than once!

The last song on the track-list, “Farewell, Neverland,” has become a song that is really appreciated from the album. The song falls under pop rock and includes sounds of guitar that give you that intense but desperate feeling. The lyrics talk about a boy accepting a breakup that ends with saying goodbye to Neverland. The lyric, “It’s the end, it’s true,” was beautifully expressed right before the chorus dropped.

TXT’s world tour kicks off in Seoul, South Korea on the 25th and 26th of March. In the month of April, they stop at multiple cities in countries such as Singapore, Taiwan, and Japan. By the month of May, they end their tour in the US. Their New York concert will be held on May 9-10 at UBS Arena in Belmont Park. The tickets for these concerts started on February 8th and 9th.

There’s so much more about their discography that is worth giving a listen to. Don’t forget to check out all their choreography and music videos. It’s absolutely mesmerizing to see!