Morgan Wallen Donates $35,000 to his high school during a hometown show


Anastasia Baez, Staff Writer

For those who love country music, Morgan Wallen’s hit song ,“Last Night,” took first place in the Top 20 Country Hits on all platforms. There are a variety of songwriters and musicians who are able to make a difference with their lyrics, such as Morgan Wallen. One of the most famous country singers today started his journey in 2014, on The Voice. From this, he gained recognition and he stated, “I’m glad I didn’t win.” With his hit albums Dangerous and his newest, chart-breaking album One Thing At A Time, he became an all time favorite for country fans around the world.

Moving forward, Morgan Wallen attended his old high school, Gibbs High School, outside of Knoxville, Tennessee. On Thursday, March 2, he showed up to the school during an assembly and played a free concert for the students dedicated to his One Thing At A Time song release. After he performed for the crowd of students, he brought the principal of the school on to the stage. Wallen announced that he was donating $35,000 from his own foundation. Morgan’s love for music and sports led him to the rise of starting his own foundation. Morgan stated that this school has touched his heart and is special to him. His love for sports, music, and helping the people in need, as well as his old high school, made him who he was today. With that being said, he wanted to give back to what is most important to him.