Top 10 Games of 2018

medhat moussa, staff writer

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Number 10: The Walking Dead Season 4


The long awaited season 4 of telltale’s The Walking closes Clementine’s final chapter when she finally sees AJ after a long time the decisions you make in this game will affect how AJ will be for every occurrence. Will he be a be kind or will he be ruthless?



Number 9: Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu and Lets Go Eevee


This game will be a new journey for players. You will be returning to the Kanto region, but it will be different from every other Pokemon adventure. You will be having some aspects of niantic inc Pokemon Go, but some old aspects are coming back like mega evolution.This game will only have the original 151 Pokemon but Alolan forms return in this game and you can still take on the pokemon league.



Number 8: Sea of Thieves


Play as a pirate play alone or with friends to take down other players and find treasure you can fight the terrifying megalodon or the mysterious kraken.



Number 7: A Way Out


This an action adventure game where you play as two prison convicts, Leo and Vincent, who broke out of prison to get their revenge on a man named Harvey. Leo wants revenge because Harvey betrayed him in a robbery and Vincent wants revenge because Harvey killed his brother, then framed him.



Number 6:  Detroit Become Human 


Detroit become human is a game in which you play as 3 androids Conner, Marcus, and Kara who play three different rolls. Conner was built to search and destroy all android deviants who began to feel emotions and act differently.  Marcus is a deviant who wants androids to be free. He is also the leader of the deviants. Kara is a deviant that comes from a home in which she takes care of a little girl named Alice and she defected. When Alice’s dad was about to hit her, Kara ran away with Alice trying to protect her. You, the player, must keep them alive.



Number 5: Call of Duty Black Ops 4


Play a casual game of Call of Duty with aspects of a battle royale. This game mode of COD 4 is called blackout which is very revolutionary for the black ops game’s because its boots on the ground which means no jet boost’s and you have to play more tactical. The zombies game mode will be coming back better than ever, but campaign mode will not be released in this game.



Number 4: Red Dead Redemption 2


This is a western style adventure game. Its sequel of the first red dead which takes place in 1899 during the end of the wild west. With a group of travelers you play as the main character Jack Marston to try and keep your group alive. This group is what was left from  John Marston Jack’s father’s old gang. You and your entire group are wanted.



Number 3: Dragon Ball Fighter Z


Fighter Z is a tekken style fighting game.  Play as your favorite Dragon Ball characters from Goku to Beerus. You could play the story mode where you fight and gain allies or you can play world wide with other people to fight casually or competitively to prove your skill against other players.



Number 2: Assassins Creed Odyssey


Go back in time as a Greek mercenaries During the Peloponnesian War. Play as Alexios or Kasandra and choose a side as either the honorable city state,Sparta or the technological advanced city state known as Athen.Your character was dropped on the side of the mountain because there was a prophecy that you or your sibling could destroy the Spartan empire. You both survive will you join as the people who tried to kill you or will you take your revenge and join Athens.



Number 1: Spiderman PS4 


This is a game where you play as your favorite webslinger, Peter Parker. Go through the game and try to stop crimes before they even happen. Go through the game and fight classic super villains like Scorpion and the Rhino, Sledgehammer, Doc.Oct, Mr Negative the Vulture and Electro.This is truly the best game of the year making over 3.3 million copies. All DLC will be coming with more villains such as Black Cat.