It’s not just a game, Gamevice sues Nintendo


Chauncy Lewis, Staff Writer

           On August 10, a company called Gamevice threatened to sue the powerful game company, Nintendo, for their motion controls remote. Their wikipad controls are used to play android games. Gamevice came out with their motion controls remote four years ago and it didn’t sell well, therfore it was discontinued. They now make other accessories for android devices. Using Gamevice’s wikipad, you can slide the controller into your tablet used for portable gaming. This is something similar to the brand new Nintendo Switch; however, Gamevice is only interested in suing for Nintendo motion controllers known as joy cons that use similar buttons placement on the controller, but with a couple of minor differences. The wikipad is used for playing android games while the Nintendo switch can be used to play Nintendo games, as well as their party games. Some similarities are the motion to detect what you’re doing in games like waving, shaking and dropping the controller. Nintendo has won many lawsuits in the past, but also lost some like the 3DS lawsuit, where they lost millions. If they succeed, Nintendo will get sued for millions and they will stop the production of the Switch.