Animal Crossing New Horizon: Stamp Rally 2021

Stamp Rally 2021


Nicolina Bilella, Staff Writer

Before long, the end of May arrived and along with that International Museum Day. However many people may not have their interests perked by that and luckily Nintendo created another playable event.

The Stamp Rally celebrates International Museum Day on the 18th and continues the event until the 31st. This has been celebrated in 2020 and 2021.

Blathers gives you all of the information after Isabella’s morning announcement. You only have to have the museum built on your island and (according to you have to talk to Blathers before exploring the exhibits if you don’t a message will come up prescribing you to see him before trying again.

Last year there were only three stamps each available in the bug, fish, and fossil section of the museum. On the contrary this year has four stamps in the art gallery, seven in the fossil gallery, nine for the fish gallery, and eleven for the bug gallery.

Each stamp has its own location and a sentence or two to go along with it when you click the yellow station. Look closely for this station for the museum already has so much going on in it. In the middle is a red circular stamp with an owl in the middle and white taking up that everything else including the space around the owl, stars, and what look like leaves. On top is a black container with one dividers separating what looks business cards and a stamp stapler. To the right is a sign on top of silver that looks like the Animal Crossing New Horizons street lights available at the Nook Miles Shop. The sign appears impossible to read but has a red rectangle towards the top with three white circles underneath almost taking over the middle of the sign.

~Baroque Gallery-“Looks like they’re still planning the exhibit that will go here.”
~Art from the West-“The 18th and 19th centuries brought us rococo and romanticism. I could stare at those styles all day!”
~Art from the East-“Art from Asia always has such a unique and compelling beauty.”
~Sculpture Exhibit-“Looks like they’re still planning the exhibit that will go here.”

~Abyss-“How far down are we?”
~Coral Reef-“Oooh, a colorful, vibrant, warm sea. I want to swim here.”
~Big River-“Some rivers are deep, and wide, and looooooooooooooooooooooooong…”
~The Deep-“That is one big ocean!”
~Jellyfish Floor-“Float, float, wave, wave, bloop, bloop.”
~Headwaters-“Different fish live in different parts of the same river. Wow!”
~Icy Sea-“That’s as chilly as it gets!”
~The Coast-“Must…not…let…fish…know…I’m…craving…sushi…”
~Serenity Tank-“Little guys, just chillin’ in a little tank. Must be nice.”

~Vertebrates-“Now THESE guys have some backbone…”
~Mollusks/Arthropods-“No backbone. Bust still tough, I bet.”
~Synapsids-“‘Distant relatives of mammals.” Huh.”
~Cenozoic-“What are those silhouettes above and behind them?”
~Aquatic Reptiles-“They should call this display “NOT Dinosaurs, Chapter One.‘”
~Pterosaurs-“They should call this display “NOT DINOSAURS, Chapter Two.‘”
~Extinction-”What’s that big orb near the ceiling? I’m sure it’s fine…”

~Quiet Bench-“Sometimes it’s nice to take a short breather and relax on the bench.”
~Shady Path-“It seems like the temperate-climate bugs are relaxing here.”
~Dragonfly Bridge-“The reason you can see so many dragonflies near water is because that’s where they lay their eggs!”
~Bug Farms-“It’s like I’m part of a bug community. Hi, bugs!”
~Giant Tree-“It seems the bugs gather for tree snap at night.” and “Is there going to be a big bug battle over the tree sap?!”
~The Lab-“I bet some groundbreaking research goes on here.”
~Singing Forest-“It’s so quiet at night…”
~Sun-Peek Path-“There’s something very relaxing about this space.”
~Coconut Corner-“I bet tropical bugs get to go surfing and lay on the beach all the time.”
~Hiding Bugs-“Bugs: Masters of disguise!”
~Butterfly Garden-”Sitting on a bench at this fountain…is about as classy as it gets.”

After completing that stamp set of either three fish, fossils, bugs, and/or art station you will see the filled in stamp sheet except for the little circle at the bottom right corner. That circle is filled when you go back to Blathers after you finish collecting each set. They fill in as well when you click on the station. Each section has a different design and background with the names underneath and an owl on the upper left hand corner. On the lower right hand corner (after you speak to Blathers) is a red owl identical to the owl on the stamp station.

Blathers says a little dialogue about each of the topics including the plagiarism done by Redd, but then backs up the credibility of the works he accepts, how the aquarium is good enough to be a tourist attraction, how Blathers couldn’t do the bug exhibit because of his disdain for them, and the evolution presented in the fossils. Afterwards he gives you a plaque of whatever set you collected. Each plaque sells at Nook’s Cranny for 1,500 Bells. No matter when you accomplish Blather’s Stamp Rally you will get those plaques.