The My Chemical Romance Comeback


Erin Holzwarth, Staff Writer

There’s no doubt that the punk rock band My Chemical Romance has a hold on many teenagers and young adults, ever since their hits such as ‘Welcome To The Black Parade’ and ’Teenagers’ were released in the early 2010’s. They were working on their last album in 2013, but, when the band disbanded back in March of that year, fans thought that would be the last they’d hear of them. 

That was until they announced their reunion tour six years later– Previously said to be a one night only event, but soon turned into a worldwide tour, with forty-one shows in North America, twenty-one in Europe, and seven in Oceania, totaling in sixty-nine new shows. However, their tour was postponed back in 2020 by COVID-19 for safety and health reasons. Then, on Friday, May 13th, they released a six minute new song; ‘The Fountain of Youth’. Their new song is a lot like their older music, so old fans of theirs will be pleasantly surprised. 

Between a new tour and a new song, the reunion of My Chemical Romance will probably lead to a new wave of fans, eager to listen to their biggest hits and new music. It also raises the question of a potential album, making it one of the most anticipated albums of Internet Culture, particularly among those who previously mourned the breakup of everyone’s favorite emo band. With the recent rise of artists such as Harry Styles and shows like Doctor Who making a resurgence by casting Sex Education’s Ncuti Gatwa as their first black lead, combined with My Chemical Romance’s new music, there seems to be a trend of a comeback of popular things from 2014– So what’s next? Galaxy print? Youtubers like Smosh? Only time will tell.