Retro Video Games

Retro Video Games

John Sinkus, Staff Writer

Throughout the ages, old things will have a resurgence years after. Music, hairstyles, tv shows, movies, and many more. But, undoubtedly, an important one was the games. “Retro Video Games” is the term given to these old games by their slowly growing community. These retro video games have come back in many ways nowadays.

Arcade Ages

Arcade games and machines have been a major factor in the gaming market. Many remember the golden age of the Arcades: the 80’s. Games such as Pac-Man, Street Fighter, House of the Dead, Galaga, and many more were all extremely popular video games of this time period.

Over the course of many years, these games have been ported to other consoles and have had many new entries in their series, but some people still wanted to get that feeling of how they would when they played back then. That is exactly how companies like Arcade1Up and Replicade were made. Both of these companies specialties are to replicate retro arcade machines as close to their originals as possible, and sell them for a way lower price than a real arcade machine. These companies have found extreme success, partnering with companies such as Disney, Capcom, NetherRealm Studios, and many more.

Retro Console Craze

Video game consoles have always been a major part of the gaming industry. Today, they’re the most popular ways to play games with companies like Playstation. Xbox, and Nintendo. But, a long time ago in the 70’s the popular gaming consoles were the Atari and Magnavox Odyssey. 10 years after that it was the Nintendo Entertainment System, and the list goes on and on. These consoles, even though they’re over 40 years old, still remain popular to this day.

All these consoles have been redone in many different ways. Nintendo, Sega, Sony, Atari, and more have made little classic versions of their old consoles. These “microconsoles” were filled with the best hits of the console. Most of the time they include tiny details packed into it to cater to fans. Games from these consoles have been released on multiple consoles, and have either been remastered or have had new entries overall.

A more popular method to enjoy these consoles nowadays is simply to just collect the actual consoles. Though it may take some searching and fixing, all these consoles are accessible if you have the money to get them. There are plenty of retro game stores on Long Island if you look hard enough and each one has a unique style and feel.