The Simpsons is Good Again

The Simpsons is Good Again

Casey Phillips, Staff Writer

The Simpsons is a hit animated comedy known for being one of the best TV shows in the 90s and getting worse over following years. However, the show has been getting better since its decline, and Season 33 and 34 are significantly better than anything that has come from the show in years.

One of the main criticisms with the newer seasons is that Homer is significantly more mean than he was in the 90s. Since The Simpsons Movie in 2007, there has been a large amount of pushback against this characterization. He has not strangled Bart since season 31, excluding a non-canonical instance set in the past in season 32. Having the family be functional makes the show more pleasing to watch.

The show has also been trying new things in the recent seasons. Season 33 contains two musical episodes, a non-canonical Fargo parody, permanently replaces Edna Krabappel with a new teacher, and gives Moe and Smithers love interests. For a show that is infamous for sticking to the status quo, change was a great way to keep the show relevent to today.

While the show is still using the infamous floating timeline, meaning the characters never age while time progresses, the show is much better at implementing modern technology into its plots. In addition to this, the floating timeline is growing on many fans due to the events in earlier episodes clearly still taking place.
The show is never going to be as good as it was in the 90s, but what it is now is something special. It is amazing how great episodes such as Treehouse of Horror XXXIII or A Serious Flanders can even be made today.

These seasons will not bring back anyone who is completely burnt out on the show. But they are worth watching for those who may have stopped watching and are curious what the show has been doing lately.