‘Jigsaw’ Review

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‘Jigsaw’ Review

Karissa Schaefer, Staff Writer

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Thirteen years ago on Halloween weekend, the “Saw” franchise was introduced to the world. The character Jigsaw was the new face of horror. The film was financially successful, which lead to the creation of its sequel, “Saw II”, which would be released a year later. Subsequent films were released, all on the Friday before Halloween, leading to a total number of films to seven. The new sequel, “Jigsaw” premiered this past Friday, October 27th after 7 years.

The big mystery during this movie: is John Kramer, who is the mastermind behind all the tortuous devices and bears the name “Jigsaw”, really alive? That’s what the story makes it out to look like. The actor, Tobin Bell, who has been a staple for the franchise, even makes an appearance in the movie. This ultimately could have lead to confusion among viewers seeing as John Kramer died from brain cancer at the end of Saw III.

This movie has two sub-plots. One follows the typical torture scenes which are set in a barn, following five people who have each committed their own type of “sins.” The other sub-plot follows two medical examiners, Logan Nelson and Eleanor Bonneville as they lure Detective Halloran into a trap.

As always, the Saw movies have a twist, and Jigsaw’s twist doesn’t come until the end, which leads viewers on the edge of their seat questioning who really is behind this round of torture. The confessions and torture scenes you see in the movie aren’t actually happening in current time. In fact, they occur ten years earlier, leaving John Kramer to be the true culprit. So, it might seem like Logan and Eleanor are hunting a dead person, right? No, not at all.

The big part of the twist ends up being that Logan was a Jigsaw protege. He had been put into the original game we see happen ten years ago for accidentally putting John’s name on the wrong x-rays of his brain tumor. Jigsaw ends up giving him a second chance, and they end up becoming close. This may be baffling to some as the original, earlier Saw movies have no mention of an x-ray mishap or another protege before Amanda, as shown in Saw II and Saw III.

Above all, what is the true motive and importance of luring Halloran back to the barn where the game that took place ten years ago happened? Sure, he’s a dirty cop, but that’s not the real reason Logan is out to get him. Halloran ends up being responsible for Logan’s wife’s death.

John’s games were always based on fairness. He gave people a chance to redeem themselves by playing. But that was the difference between him and Logan. Even after Halloran confesses and passes the test, he is still ultimately murdered by Logan, who was behind this recreation of the game.

Coming from a huge horror movie fanatic, this movie wasn’t scary, but more so thrilling. It’s your typical Saw movie and the idea may come as predictable. But ultimately this movie is enjoyable and will want you waiting until the end to solve the mystery.