Black Lightning Strikes Back (SPOILERS)


Chauncy Lewis, Staff Writer

Black Lightning strikes back with a new third season right back on CW on every single Monday after a long break.   The second season finishes off with our antagonist Tobias Whale losing his control over the town of Freeland. Some events that indicate his demise are getting imprisoned in a particular space created just for him,  not allowing him to even have a fair or proper trial, and not letting him see lawyers.  This was all due to the seriousness of his previous actions in the town of Freeland. 

When Blacking Lightning’s secret identity was found by the ASA organization, he was locked up unable to  leave.  The ASA fear The Markovia group, and as result Black Lightning left his daughters behind at home with instructions to not use their powers for fear of being detected. His wife does scientific nurse work in the facility he’s staying.  She is trying to find a cure for the sick metahuman kids.  

Some kids are getting more sick than others or even dying from using their powers.  This makes them trouble for other metahumans and a danger to social safety. Lastly, we find out Khalil’s fate.  He’s still alive after being gravely injured.  Once again he is active with his spine back in place.   The ASA also got rid of Khalil’s human feelings emotions and memories to truly create an unstoppable killing machine without anything holding him back or stopping him from killing anyone close to him . The third season has a different feeling of seriousness attacking the senses straight on.  At the time of this article, there are a total of three seasons and three episodes of Black Lighting to check out.