Bojack Back

With Bojack’s hard past and the bad decisions he's made, it teaches viewers that it's never too late to change. 


Chauncy Lewis, Staff Writer

Bojack Horseman comes back with a sixth season stronger than ever diving into depression on a deeper level by conveying life has many problems. The show shows viewers that depression can never be solved  by drinking smoking, or doing harmful things.  They show these things aren’t an escape for our reality. 

Bojack is a wealthy celebrity with depression mentally struggling to get through every single day. The show teaches the viewer even the happiest people like our beloved dog, Mr. Peanut Butter on the outside, can  sometimes use their smile as a mask to cover up their sadness. During season six, Bojack shows it’s not too late to change your ways, no matter how much you stray away from the path you’ve walked.

This show reveals to viewers the road to rehab isn’t impossible but possible with hard work.  During season six, Bojack recalls his past.  Drinking changes Bojack from being once-respected to turning into an alcoholic meanie that bullies everyone.  Many people in his life pressured him to drink from his friends to even his Dad. Although he was only a kid, making a poor choices affected his life forever.

With Bojack’s hard past and the bad decisions he’s made, it teaches viewers that it’s never too late to change.  Bojack is a living example of this.  He says in an episode during season six, “Destroying things isn’t going to change them; all you can change is you.”

Bojack Horseman deals with real-world issues. This show is for adult viewers with discretion advised.  At the time of the article, there is currently a season 6 on Netflix.  Final episodes are due out January 31, 2020.