PS5 Simulator Synopsis


Courtesy of Youtuber Bijuu Mike

With all of the hype about the PlayStation 5, there is one obvious downside; the cost. The Playstation 5 can cost from $399 to $1,500. Many people would be opposed to purchasing one, especially if they have another gaming console.

However Alex Grade, a video game developer, created a simulator for unboxing a PS5. You may have heard of him if you played an Indie game called ΛRDEiN.ΛRiSE.

The game is available on sites like Polygon and for free. The game consists of straightforward to the title with wobbly and goofy mechanics similar to an early Virtual Reality game, including plugging in your TV to an outlet while it’s in the hallway.

If you want to watch a reaction of the game instead of yourself playing it you can watch videos like “There’s A PS5 Unboxing Simulator For All Us Losers That Couldn’t Get One” by the Youtuber Kubz Scouts and “Jay, how could you do this to me? *insertangryfaceemoji*” by another Youtuber Bijuu Mike. If commentary isn’t your thing then there are Gameplay videos by Youtubers Alpha Beta Gamer and Gamers Nation.

While frustrating to some and funny to others, the game isn’t a way to replace or stray away from the Play Station 5.  In the finale Alex writes, “Now you should go buy a real PS5. Or XBOX Series whatever, I think it’s great console too. Thank you for playing! Send me some pictures of your rooms with new consoles on twitter. Bye!” The gameplay lasts for about seven to nine minutes and for a free game, it’s worth checking out.