Is Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s Relationship Fake?


Sara Morello, Staff Writer

 Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are two big celebrities in the public eye. Recently, they’ve been seen together on dates, holding hands, etc. At first, people didn’t think anything of it and thought they may have recently met and hit it off, however once people looked into it more, people seem to think there might be a bigger picture. Fans have noticed that Kim and Pete started being seen together right after the tragedy at Astroworld and it has people convinced it’s a PR stunt to distract people.


    As we know, Astroworld was a devastating tragedy where over 10 people died and many were injured. Travis Scott is currently dating Kylie Jenner and she and her sister were at the show when it happened. Many people were and still are angry at Travis and the Kardashian family. This was Travis’s show and although people place the blame on him, people were upset that the Kardashians- especially Kylie, didn’t speak much on the catastrophe. 


    A video on TikTok recently went viral of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson holding hands for two seconds for the paparazzi and as soon as a picture was taken, they stopped. The video has over 4 million views and most of the comments are bashing them saying “they’re distracting us from Astroworld” and going on to calling the relationship fake.  “Not saying it’s not real, but the way it’s so rushed, just in time of the Astroworld disaster and how they’re basically like the next Kravis. Idk man.” People know that in the past the Kardashians are known for doing things like this, whether it’s just to get their name out in the news, or before a launch of one of their products. Kris Jenner, who manages all of the Kardashians and the Jenners, has been in charge of all of it.


    The Kardashians just started the filming of their new show, which also has people speculating about Kim and Pete’s relationship. Everyone knows that Kris Jenner will do almost anything to keep her family popular, so there’s reason to speculate that this could be a PR stunt run by her. Fans on Twitter have been tweeting about the relationship being a hoax from the start. “I’m not buying this whole Kim K and Pete relationship. It’s a PR stunt conjured up by Kris Jenner herself.” 


    Although there are many rumors about the relationship being fake, Kim hasn’t taken it upon herself to post anything about it. Inside sources have also said that when they’re out together they don’t have any cameras following them around for the new show coming out. This could mean that the relationship could very much be real and the media assuming it’s fake could just be rumors, however we’ll never know until Kim publicly speaks on the subject.