The Met Gala : Olivia Rodrigo, Emma Stone, Camila Cabello


Margaret Stavrinadis, Staff Writer

Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo came straight from her SOUR TOUR in Canada, to this years Met Gala, and headed to Boston to continue her tour right after the event was over. This years Met Gala was Olivia’s second time attending, and she showed up serving looks both times. Her fans were not let down. Olivia worked with the brand, Versace, and the team put both aspects of the theme, The Gilded Age, and Olivia’s personality into one dress. Olivia’s makeup and hair team worked to accent the dress and to play upon the theme of the Gilded Age. Their initial thoughts for Olivia, were to use big accents and bold colors like the Gilded Age, but to showcase the “rock star edge” side of her personality. Olivia’s hairstyle referenced the main actresses in the Gilded Age’s silent films, because of how bold, yet elegant, the styles were. The color of the dress was a lilac purple, which was special to Olivia because her album SOUR’s main cohesive color is purple. She feels the color purple represents her as a person. She looked absolutely lovely and her looks keep getting better and better. 


Emma Stone

Emma Stone’s dress was classy, but fun. Her dress was constructed by Louis Vuitton, and accessorized with some minimalist jewelry. Her dress was meant to symbolize the important aspects of the Gilded Age, and its faint, glamorous features. This dress was very significant to Emma’s heart because she previously wore the dress to her wedding after party in 2020. The dress itself is gorgeous in its silk fabric, and had a very simplistic flapper look to it, probably pushing Emma towards the choice of her dress.


Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello came to the Met Gala this year with a distinctive message. Camila changed up her style of looks, while also showcasing her nurturing personality. Camila’s hair and makeup are set to accent her dress, as well as cohese with Prabal Gurung’s outfit. Her outfit this year is more importantly sustainable, and Camila wanted to represent the Gilded Age through its climate crisis. She wanted to express the opposite of industrialization in the Gilded Age to contrast with the theme. Camila also had the idea of representing the immigrants that traveled to America during the Gilded Age, and to represent all the different cultural backgrounds into her look.