Fear Street 1994 Review

Fear Street 1994 Review

Crystal Laxamana, Staff Writer


Since Halloween is coming up, it is time to discuss Netflix’s series Fear Street. Fear street is a movie series that dates backwards in time, taking place in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. The whole series is based on a town named Shadyside with a curse on it. The curse is: once you see a vision you will be targeted by the past “killers” (people who have been possessed by the curse). 

At the beginning with the first movie, Fear street 1994, one can see insights into the other movie. They show little previews of past things that had happened in the town. The curses in the town. The different people who have been cursed, the scenes of things happening, ect. In the movie there is the main character Deena Johnson. Right off the bat there is a new murder case, called the mall killing. Deena is in school with her friends when they have to go to a game to mourn the loss of a student. During the ceremony a huge fight breaks out between the two rival schools. On the way back to their town a group of teams from the other school decide they wanna chase the Shadyside bus. Deena and her friends throw a drink out of the bus which causes the car to move to the side of the road. The girl in the car, named Sam, gets out of the car and crawls on the floor. She gets s vision and is now a part of the curse.

To fast forward in time, Deena and her friends start to see someone with a mask outside their house. They all meet up and decide to go to the hospital where the people from the other town are. Once they get there they are reunited with Sam. The friends go off on their own and are chased by the killers from the past. Later they show back up to the school with a plan to end the curse. They set up a trap to catch the “killers”.  They find out their plan didn’t work. They run to a classroom and call someone who had survived the curse once before, once she doesn’t pick up they escape and run. Towards the end they realize the only way to escape the curse is for her to not make it out. They bait them once again into a grocery store. Once they get baited, the group of friends attempt to defeat the killers. Sam doesn’t make it out but is revived and makes it to the second movie. Once the police report comes in it is only Sam, Deena, and Deena’s little brother. Deena finally hangs out with Sam and receives a call getting news from someone about the curse. The nexy movie in the series is Fear street 1978. 

The think the movie was well made, it’s honestly my favorite Netflix series. The series is worth binge-watching for fun, especially the first movie Fear street 1994. Parts of the movie can be kind of confusing with all of the flashbacks, but nonetheless there are parts where you are on the edge and other parts where you can guess what’s coming up. But the show definitely gives a good plot, a lot of details, and it foreshadows parts of the other movies. Overall the movie is amazing and definitely worth watching.