Harry Chapin

Harry Chapin

Julian Barron, Staff Writer

Have you ever heard of the singer-songwriter Harry Chapin? It would have been his 80th birthday soon and his family feels that a celebration is in order. They plan to do something special to mark it.

Harry Chapin lived on Long Island and was born in Brooklyn Heights. Chapin first played in bands with his brothers before making his own band when he was nearly 30. Success came quickly with his first album “Heads and Tales.” Some of his well known songs are “Taxi,” “W.O.L.D” and “Cat’s in the Cradle.” Harry Chapin was a humanitarian. He co-founded the world hunger organization Whyhunger in 1975. Unfortunately when he was 38 he died in a car crash on the LI expressway.

Now on January 28 there is going to be a special retrospective concert at the Patchogue Theatre. The concert will have the Chapin Family bringing back The Harry Chapin Band playing classic songs. The members that will be playing will be Tom, Steve, Jen and the Chapin sisters Abigail and Lily. They will also be including Big John Wallace and Howard Fields. Two generations of the Chapin Family will bring Harry’s songs back to life. Howard Fields played with Harry Chapin for seven years as a drummer and John Wallace was the bassist for the Harry Chapin Band.

This is the only Chapin Family concert for a while, so this is your one and only chance to experience Harry Chapin’s legacy. All of the people coming to make this happen are amazing award winning musicals artists. All that have multiple recording and active music careers that love making music together.