Natalia Krokowski, Staff Writer

A few years ago, Aritzia wasn’t much of a known store to most people. But, ever since 2021, it has blown up. Mainly because of TikTok influencers raving over it and showing off just how cute their clothes are. But not a lot of people know where Aritzia actually came from.

Aritzia is a Canadian-owned business which started off as just one boutique in 1984. Brian Hill is the founder of Aritzia and he built this boutique in Oakridge Center which is an upscale shopping center in his hometown. The reasoning behind Brian Hills’ idea of founding Aritzia is that he wanted to “offer beautiful clothes in aspirational spaces with exceptional service.”

All the work that goes into their store design and their products is impressive. They have multiple different brands that Aritzia’s designers created themselves. The most popular and known brand is Tna, its athleisure brand. The Tna brand has a variety of things like sweatpants, shorts, hoodies, leggings, workout tops, socks, and more. Two other brands they have is Wilfred and Babaton. Wilfred aims at a “refined yet undone look” paired with elements of romance and Babaton is all about minimalism– ideal for work-wear and it’s all about precise tailoring.

A lot of people wonder why their merchandise is so pricey but it is considered a luxury brand. Even going inside one of their boutiques is an experience in itself. There stores are so put together and have a specific aesthetic to them. They have custom furniture, custom art, etc. They are unlike other luxury brands, since you are getting your money’s worth and  are getting what you pay for. The material and quality of their clothes is excellent. Aritzia uses materials like leather, fleece, wool and even exotic animal hair. They don’t use materials like fur, angora, or exotic animal skin. So Aritzia could be considered an ethical company or brand.

How Ethical Is Aritzia?