Is Black Friday Worth It?

Isabella Candelario, Staff Writer

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Black Friday, the day most people love, where you can go and buy all your Christmas gifts on sale. Is Black Friday worth all the hype though? Over the years there has been numerous injuries and even deaths that have occurred during Black Friday, just from 2006 to 2017 there have been 10 deaths and 110 people injured. Even if you ignore all the injuries and deaths, most of the deals that you are getting on Black Friday aren’t all that good. Stores usually have sales regularly and they also always have items on the clearance rack. You would be buying something thinking to yourself “wow what a great deal!”, but in reality that item was on clearance already, or was just about to go on sale.

Cyber Monday also is not be worth all its fame. If you are going to shop online you have to consider the fact that there are shipping fees that could range anywhere from five dollars to seven dollars, and that’s just in the United States, international shipping is going to cost even more. There are also taxes to consider so even if you are getting something for 25% off you will still being paying close to the original price of an item due to all of these fees.

Stores will always have deals no matter what, they have holiday deals, coupons, discount codes, and reward cards, the list goes on and on. Unless you know exactly what you want at a certain store there is no point on camping out just to get “better deals”.