Should teachers interact with students over social media?

Should teachers interact with students over social media?

Peter Moran, Social Media Director

Social Media is a platform for everyone to use regardless of sex, age, location, etc. Whatever it is, anyone can own an account and do what they please with it. However, a controversial topic has arisen when teachers and students interact with each other over these platforms.

Depending how you look at the issue, it can be inappropriate or beneficial. For example, if your Social Studies teacher has a Twitter and uses it as a reminder to tell students to do their homework, that is perfectly acceptable. But, if they’re interacting without school intentions, then something is clearly wrong.

Naturally it is permissible for teachers to have a social media account. However, they should utilize a separate account strictly for school business. Having an account that interacts with students in an unrelated school manner is inappropriate. If teachers want to interact with their students, they can utilize the Remind app. This app is a platform where teachers can text their students without the students getting the teachers phone number.

The accounts of teachers should be private because it eliminates students snooping in their business which is inappropriate and frankly unnecessary. Once a student graduates, then it would be acceptable to follow or friend them since you have no school related affiliation with them anymore.  This insures that the teacher student relationship remains professional.  Although, students may initially think connecting with a teacher through a Twitter account is cool, eventually it may alter their perspective and change the tone of their classroom environment.

Teachers should create two accounts- one for school use and one personal use. Again, on the school teachers may post extra credit opportunities, homework, and schedules for extra help. A teacher’s personal account should be just that, personal.   It should not be used to interact with students until the time comes.