Tips On Learning A New language


Geraldine Artola, Staff Writer

Learning a new language is a difficult task for some. It’s hare to just start learning a language, especially if a job and school takes up your time. Learning a second language will help you communicate with more people and maybe even help others. Here are some tips on learning and improving your language skills from three language experts.

Expert #1 Simon Ager

1)  Do not worry about not being able to understand everything.  New learners should try and guess the things you don’t know from the context.  They may ask or look up words that come up a lot and search for words with meanings they may not understand.

2)  Try to use whatever words you are already familiar with.  New learners should not worry about making mistakes or looking foolish. It’s most important to learn from your mistakes.

Expert # 2 Olly Richards

1) It is important for students to stay consistent with their work while learning a new language.  This means try to take a little time out of your schedule every day to learn. Practicing a little each day is the best way to perfect your language use.

2)  Although you may not be perfect, don’t let that stop  you from starting to speaking to others. It’s normal to feel afraid about speaking when you’re still a beginner.

3) It’s important to know that you will eventually get better at speaking by actually speaking.  New learners may benefit from a language partner or tutor.  

Expert #3 John Fotheringham

1)  Figure out “why” you want to learn a new language.  That may help with language acquisiton.

2)  Absorb yourself in the language. New learners actually “acquire languages at a subconscious level.” 

People are exposed to language in different ways.  Some may grow up bilingual whereas others may start a learn a new language later on.  The advice seen by experts above is good because they are specific and have a great deal of experience with new languages.  The most important thing is to learn to communicate with your family first, then branch to friends, and eventually, you can take on the world.