Black Friday Tips


Weronika Gobiecki, Staff Writer

Black Friday is almost here! Everyone is excited to go shopping and find amazing deals on everything. Black Friday shopping as we all know can get very chaotic. If you want to get some good deals while shopping this year, then you have to shop smarter than ever. These are the best Black Friday tips that you’ll need to know. 

Come up with a Game Plan:

In order to have a successful trip plan of what stores you will go to. Try going to your favorite stores first or the stores who you know will have the best deals. 

Bring a Friend With You

Shopping by yourself can get boring, and especially during Black Friday waiting in all those lines. Bring a friend with you to keep you company and help you out with your shopping. Also you need to fuel yourself before, and while shopping. Bring water and some snacks that you can fit into your back and enjoy while your waiting on line.

Create a List

It’s better to walk into a store and know what your going to get. A shopping list can keep you on track with what you need to buy. Shopping lists that aren’t specific could make you spend more, and purchase items that you don’t need. Creating a shopping list could avoid purchasing unnecessary items. 

Do Your Research

Try researching as soon as possible because it can be difficult to know if your actually getting a good deal on something. Some stores might try to price match and you don’t want to get scammed and pay full price for an item.Look over everything and then decide whether the deal is worth considering. 

Know the Return Policy

Be aware of final sale items and any other non-refundable item. If you don’t know the return policy then just ask, just in case you need to return something you would know how long you have in order to do so. Always ask for a gift receipt if the purchase isn’t for you! If you are a person who loses your receipts then ask for the cashier to email it to you, your life would be much easier. 

Have Fun!

Go out and enjoy your Black Friday! There will always be chaos during Black Friday, but get out there and do your thing!  Hopefully you will catch some amazing deals.