Lindy Field Hockey Star Rising To The Top


Sheyla Santos, Staff Writer

Junior Kristi Santos, is one of the best field hockey players on Long Island. Kristi is varsity team captain with some impressive stats this fall season. She is ranked third on the island for number of goals and assists in games. Kristi was originally a dedicated soccer player for 10 years until her mother introduced her to field hockey at the age of 11. As soon as she picked up the stick, she kicked the soccer ball to the side and began to strike with her new weapon. Kristi states that, “Field hockey is different because there are so many things you can do with the stick, you can make up your own moves and be creative. Make a comfortable style for yourself.” One of her biggest inspirations was the woman who introduced her to the sport, her mother. Kristi’s mother, Heike Kost, who played division 1 field hockey at VCU, allowed her to build a strong foundation and dedication in the sport. Field hockey runs in the family! What makes Kristi such a diverse player is her confidence, determination, and her ability to put a twist on techniques taught to her throughout the sport.

All of this success however is only there due to her great ability to battle her weaknesses. Kristi believes that she’s her own worst critic and always pays attention to what other players or coaches perceive her to be, good or bad. In addition to these struggles, she also has suffered through numerous injuries, one of the most major include dislocating her elbow. However, despite these struggles she pushes herself to 2-3 hours of practice a day. This is proof that hard work pays off as Kristi now was selected to play for USA field hockey in the U16 national team, was chosen for USA futures three times, and made NEXUS champions this year. She looks forward to playing field hockey in college, making all county, and maybe even one day representing our country. Lindy looks forward to seeing what else Kristi strikes in the future!