Time Management

Time Management

Diavona King, Staff Writer

According to The American Academy Of Sleep Medicine, teenagers should have a minimum of between 8-10 hours of sleep per night. However, with the busy schedule most teens in High School have, time management is a vital skill that should be learned. How can proper health be maintained even though teenagers have to keep up their grades, participate in extracurricular activities, join school clubs, while still having free time? Two words, time management. 

Time management can prevent last-minute work from building up in the first place. 

Schools emphasize how time management has many benefits, not only just stress reduction. These benefits include the increase of responsibility, more free time to yourself, improvement of grades, a good night’s rest each night, and having a better attitude during your day. Here are some tips to manage your time efficiently. 


This is a crucial tip that helps prevent having too much work to do all in one night. When a new assignment/project has been announced, start it that day. Even if you do a little each night, you will still have less work to do the night the assignment is due. Some projects can take a very long time, and you don’t want to wait till the night before to do them, especially if you have other work to get done. 



This important tip should help boost your grades. As soon as a test is announced, make sure to find some time to study two nights before the day of the exam. When students use this technique, it gives them more time to ask their teachers questions about what they don’t understand when in class. It also helps by giving yourself more time to process the information you are studying, and not just studying quickly so you can get to doing other school work. Try it out! It can’t hurt, and there are huge benefits to applying this advice to your school routine. 



This may seem like it’s the worst tip yet, but it’s the most effective way to manage your time. If you start your work, but suddenly a notification pops up on your phone, then you will feel obligated to go on your phone and not get your work done. If you put your phone far away with notifications silenced, you will be more focused on getting all your work done so you can have more time to go on your phone later. 


Remember, time management is key for a successful school year. Try your best to add this advice to your school routine, and thank us later! The Charles Street Times wishes our readers the best of luck this school year.