Deli Shut Down After Selling Alcohol To A Minor


Diya Dhawan, Staff Writer

On Friday November 18th 2022, Abodhaibah Ebrahim was arrested, charged with selling White Claws to a minor under the age of 21. Ebrahim is 43 years old and worked as clerk at 168 Deli, where he sold the beverages.

Law enforcement had begun to conduct a search after hearing complaints from community members. Ebrahim had been charged with unlawfully giving a child alcohol with no liquor license display and law enforcement had also shut down the business due to fire code violations.

Ebrahim has been issued two appearance tickets that have been scheduled at the First District Court in Central Islip at a later date.

Some members of the community were aware of the problems regarding the deli, and some are sure to be shocked. It is concerning that a person would sell alcohol to underage children. It shows how much our some businesses will do anything for a sale.

It is shocking that police did not catch this before. There are some questions that remain. Why didn’t the police didn’t do much about the fire violations beforehand? If they did, then why weren’t the violations fixed by now?

The hope is that after this Ebrahim and everyone else learns something from this and that everyone takes the drinking law more seriously. This incident will hopefully prevent something like this from happening again and make our town that we live in a safe one for everyone.