Flu Season Is Also For Dogs

Nobody wants to see their furry friend suffer.

Flu Season Is Also For Dogs

Diavona King, Staff Writer

The sickness of Influenza is spreading like wildfire. Not only are the number of cases escalating rapidly from person to person, but from dog to dog as well.

Currently, there are two illnesses being spread through canines. The first is Pneumovirus, and the other is Canine Influenza.

Pneumovirus symptoms can range from being almost unnoticeable to severe. Typical symptoms for a dog who has this virus includes fevers, rapid breathing, coughing, conjunctivitis, and a runny nose.

Majority of the time, symptoms are similar for all dogs. Additional symptoms that can be added to the list are reduced appetite, eye discharge, and lethargy.

As you can tell, these symptoms are similar to those of a human.

Animal shelters are being bombarded with cases of these diseases in dogs. It is getting so frequent, that some animal shelters had no other choice but to suspend adoption of dogs till the spread of the disease dies down.

Dogs who are diagnosed can have either illness for around 10-14 days. What’s frightening is that if a dog gets sick, they are susceptible to the possibility of getting pneumonia. This can be very dangerous to a pet. Death is also a possible effect.

Nobody wants to see their furry friend suffer. So how can these illnesses be prevented?

There is no current vaccination for Pneumovirus. Despite this fact, you can still get your dog the Canine Influenza vaccination. The price for this helpful vaccination can range from $25 to $35.

The vaccination does not ensure your pet is no longer open to getting either disease. However, it can lessen how severe the symptoms can be for your animal, and make your pet’s fight against their illness a lot less harder.

Overall, please make sure you try your absolute best to get your dogs vaccinated and keep them away from any high risk areas. Let’s try our best to put an end to the spread.