The Mystery Of The Whales


Diavona King, Staff Writer

Over the past two months, at least nine whales have washed ashore from Atlantic Ocean beaches. On the morning of January 30th, 2023, a tenth whale was found.

On the evening of January 29th, a 35-foot-long humpback whale had washed up onto Lido Beach West Town Park. This beach is located in Nassau County, where many other dead whales have been washed up in the past few months. This whale was huge, weighing several tons.

Unfortunately, by the time the whale had been found in the morning, it had been too late to save it. The current cause of death is unknown, but a necropsy will be performed to determine the cause as soon as possible.

It is hoped by many that scientific work will be performed in the near future. This way, a resolution that will help save the whales can be found sooner, rather than later. It is vital that scientists find out what is similar between the recent whale deaths in the area. Once this is done, the problem can finally get fixed, and whales can live on in this region.

Along with numerous whales washing up on Long Island beaches, they are also being found on the shores of New Jersey. During the month of December, another ten whales had been found stranded on New Jersey Shoreline beaches.

Most of the whales are 30 or more feet long, weighing multiple tons. Two weeks prior to the most recent whale finding, a female whale who weighed around 12 tons and was 32 feet long had been found washed up on the New Jersey Shoreline. This female whale seems to have been struck by a boat.

Those who live in New Jersey have noticed many whales in the area. Whales are becoming attracted to the amount of small fish New Jersey has in its waters.

This problem has gotten so out bad that officials have recommended that boaters travel at a slow rate. It was asked that boaters do this to reduce the risk of harming any of these large mammals. Officials have also tried to make citizens of New Jersey aware of how many whales are in the area, and how it is important to keep an eye out for them. Hopefully, this adjustment will reduce injuries on whales and help eliminate boat strikes as being the source of the problem.

This is a situation that needs to be resolved as soon as possible. The whales are being attracted to these locations, but they also are being harmed. Although the cause of why these whales are dying is still unknown, people are taking all the precautions they can to help save any whales in their area.