Misplacement of Classified Documents

Misplacement of Classified Documents

Aleena Pawa, Staff Writer

In early November of 2022, there was said to have been classified documents found in Joe Biden’s past residences and office. Sadie Gurman and C. Ryan Barber both contributed to writing an article for the Wall Street Journal talking about how the media/public was formally informed about this matter on January 9th, with the confirmation of the White House.

They were found in his house in Wilmington, Del., as well as his Washington office that he had after being Vice President. The day after the documents were found, President Biden’s team gave them to the National Archives. Some of these found documents dated back to Joe Biden’s time in the Obama administration. President Biden’s response to this incident is that he had no idea that these documents were where they were. According to him, he was completely clueless.

In response, to the media, he had clarified that the documents were not put out into the open, for all to see. Rather they were put in a locked space in his office and in a locked garage with his Corvette sports car. The Republican party had/has much to say about this incident. They believed that Joe Biden’s actions of having classified documents in his personal places and misplacing them is irresponsible.

Donald Trump had a similar situation happen to him, here were 11,000 governmental documents found in his personal home, Mar-a-Lago. There is a comparison between the treatment of the two different situations. Though these two situations are similar, they still have their differences. An example is that the Trump administration did not do a good job handling the situation. They kept pushing back the situation, which caused the grand jury to issue a subpoena for a search of Mar-a-Lago, and looked for all the documents. This was due to Donald Trump’s team’s inability to give the paper to the National Archives efficiently. This was certainly different from the approach that the Biden Administration took, they were much more efficient, which created fewer issues.

This is a serious issue, the misplacements, and founding of confidential articles of writing. This could have been either a clueless act or something that could lead to the finding of further information. In order for this circumstance to turn into a criminal case, both intent and knowledge need to be proven. Otherwise, internal discipline or sanctions will happen as a pension for the act. It can also show a bit of carelessness. Overall, it’s not a positive thing, you want to have an association with.