The Brooklyn Museum of Art


Alex DeGeorge, Staff Writer

The Brooklyn Museum of Art is New York’s second largest museum (Yet my #1 favorite) and contains over 500,000 objects in its collection. It is located at 200 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, New York City

The museum was founded in 1897 as a location for historical art to shine. While it was being built, Daniel Chester French (The sculptor of The Abraham Lincoln Statue in Washington) designed the pediment sculptures and the monolithic figures along the cornice.  

Throughout the 1900’s the museum grew with thousands of more creations making their way into the collection 

In 1997, The museum’s name was changed from The Brooklyn Museum to The Brooklyn Museum of Art, which makes more since the exhibits mostly compose of art, whether it be ancient or more modern.

In the 2000’s, the museum revealed more modern exhibits containing surreal and unrealistic paintings 

The museum still is mostly composed of ancient artistic creations from ancient civilizations

The Egyptian exhibit contains many pieces of ancient sculpture, art, and tools. The museum has been building this exhibit since the early twentieth century. 

Older Indian, Chinese, and Korean art and statues are also on display. 

The Brooklyn Museum of Art is a fantastic place to learn about and enjoy art, no matter where it is from.