King’s Coronation

Kings Coronation

Samantha Bronakowski, Staff Writer

On May 6, 2023 at Westminster Abbey, Prince Charles III and his wife Camilla became King and Queen of the United Kingdom. 

After Queen Elizabeth II passed away last year, her son, Charlies III, was next in line for the throne. He was proclaimed heir to the throne on September 8, 2022 on the day of Queen Elizabeth II’s death, then was proclaimed king on September 10, 2023. It wasn’t officially called during the mourning period over Queen Elizabeth’s II death, due to it being very disrespectful and inappropriate. 

The King’s coronation made millions of people watch, and many noticed the “weirder” or funnier parts of the coronation. During the coronation many things happened according to the usual routine, but at one point during the coronation, someone dressed as the grim reaper was seen lurking past the doors. This shocked thousands, and made many wonder who was the person behind the cloak, which it still hasn’t been figured out, but most likely will be revealed shortly. 

Others also make references to frozen, when Elsa was at her coronation with the scepter and the orb. Which is normal at a coronation because it represents the sovereign’s power, but many made the reference to the scene of Elsa holding the same things like the King was during his coronation. 

Another big part of the coronation is the crown jewels both King Charles II and Queen Camilla were wearing. The St. Edward’s crown is only used for at the moment of crowning King or Queen. The Imperial State Crown which was used during the state opening of parliament. Then there’s the Sovereign’s Scepter with cross also used during the crowning moment, but as stated before used to symbolize good governance and temporal power. Lastly the coronation spoon, is one of the oldest objects, anointing (a ritual act pouring aromatic oil all over someone’s head, used to confer divine.) the sovereign and the King with holy oil. To be used during the  ceremony which is the most sacred part of the coronation.