Protect our Planet


Emma Magnuson, Polls Editor

Due to the outbreak of Covid-19, people all over the world are stuck at home. Many people have work to do but after that, we are all just stuck at home for the most part. Some people may enjoy a nice run outside or a simple walk to enjoy nature. 

However, in order for us to continue on enjoying our beautiful planet, we must take strides to protect it. Additionally, why not start during quarantine? Here are some simple yet effective ways for people anywhere to make a difference.


     Water Conservation               


Among the most simple ways for people to help our environment would be to conserve water; fix that leaky faucet! Additionally, stop buying plastic water bottles and instead switch to filtered tap water. This would cut down on the amount of harmful plastic on our planet and save you lots of money.



Cut Down On Car Use


If you are going somewhere relatively close or if you’re trying to just free yourself from your house, go for a walk or a bike ride as opposed to a drive. By opting to use a bike, your legs or even public transportation, you are saving the Earth from harmful greenhouse gas emissions. 





Ever since we were young, we’ve always known how important recycling is to our planet. However, how many of us actually recycle? The answer to that is: not many. It really doesn’t take much effort, just place plastics, paper and metals in a recycling bin as opposed to placing it in the trash.



Reduce and Reuse


Reducing the use of single use items such as brown paper bags, paper plates, plastic forks, spoons, knives and cups could make a huge difference. Items especially made of plastic, are unable to be broken down and build up over time in large heaps of trash. People should opt to use reusable water bottles, plates, straws and even grocery bags instead of plastic or paper. Get creative; if you have old clothes you want to throw out, try to sew it and re-purpose it. 



Save Electricity


This one is simple; when you leave a room remember to turn off the light or TV. Don’t leave things on for no reason, if you are not using something then turn it off. People should also switch to energy efficient light builds. Lower your air conditioning and let in some fresh air. Finally, solar panels are great for saving money and is safer for our environment. 





Now is a great time to start something new; Composting! Composting reduces the amount of solid waste in landfills and allows for people to make a wonderful natural fertilizer. Instead of throwing certain foods away, like fruit and vegetable scraps, people toss it and allow it to break down into a sort of dirt.





Another great activity to get into during quarantine would be gardening. By planting your own fruits and vegetables, you are saving yourself money in the long run. Also, having a garden is perfect during isolation, you have no need to leave the house if you are growing your own food! Plant a pretty garden with flowers or plant a tree, liven up your yard!


Our planet is our home and it needs our help. It shouldn’t have to take a world pandemic for us to realize that people have to be doing more to help our home. The environment is a truly beautiful and a very much living thing. Instead of destroying Earth, we should be doing the most to help and make a difference for the generations to come.