Psychology of Literature: A Lindy Elective

Psychology of Literature is waiting for you to sign up!

Anthony Colavito, Editor in Chief

Ever want to break the structure of the average English class? Do you find yourself bored and feel like you are going over the same stuff every year? Want to take a fun elective? Well we have a great class for you.

Psychology of Literature is an English elective class that you may take at Lindenhurst High School. It is taught by Mr. Seaman, who has been a teacher here at Lindenhurst High School for 17 years.

What makes this class special is that Mr. Seaman created the curriculum on his own. He attended Suffolk County Community College before transferring to St. Joseph’s College, where he had a major in English and a minor in Psychology.

In the class, you will be reading different pieces of literature from different time periods. Some works come from the likes of J.D. Salinger, Edgar Alan Poe, and William Shakespeare. 

But what sets this apart from every other English class is that you not only break down the story, but you also dive deep into the psychological elements of the story. Using the DSM, you will look at mental illnesses such as PTSD, schizophrenia, and many others to relate them to the characters and writers.

This class can be taken as an elective course, or you could take it as your senior English credit. It is a great class to take if you have interest in psychology and literature. 

Mr. Seaman is looking to get more students in the class, and he described to us why you should take this class, “What’s interesting about this class is we study one of the oldest subjects we have, literature and one the newest sciences, psychology”. 

Mr. Seaman is a student-favorite teacher in the high school. Psychology is a newer science, and Mr. Seaman also acknowledges that this class introduces students to ¨a newer way of reading through the line.¨

This class combines one of the oldest things, literature, and one of the newest sciences, psychology. So it is a great class to sign up for next year! You will learn so much sitting in the class and will have a fun year.