Spirit Week Emerges Through The Pandemic

Nicolina Bilella, Staff Writer

Spirit Week occurred during the school week of Monday, April 26th  to Friday, April 30th of 2021.

Monday holds the name of “Movie Monday” with the description of “Dress up as your favorite movie character” and the picture of a clapperboard on the right side (or how it’s better know as the black thing people open then close while saying ready, set, action.” Unfortunately the eyes at the Charles Street Times didn’t see many individuals participating in this.

The following day exists as “Tired Tuesday” along with a drawing of a plain gray shirt and pants set on the left. More people seemed to “dress up” for this occasion, but instead of dressing in an expected attire some students wore their Frost Valley sweatshirt and as said by those students, “These are our pajamas.”

Courtesy of M. Scharf

Wednesday held the title of “Iconic Duo” with a silhouette of Shaggy and Scooby Doo. Below is an explanation of “Dress up with a friend as a famous duo.”

Following Wednesday is “Class Colors” the second to last day of Spirit Week. each grade has a specific color garments to wear. To the left of the sign is a color wheel. A decent amount of kids participated and wore their class color from regular clothes to jerseys.

According to Student Council and Class Wars committee member, Oleksandra Blyshchak, the method to their madness is that the seniors and juniors received the school colors of green and yellow and the underclassmen acquired black and white as accent colors.
~Freshmen are black
~sophomores are white
~Juniors are yellow
~Seniors are green

Last, but not least is Hawaiian Friday where the objective is to wear bright colors and Hawaiian shirts. On the right is a red Hawaiian shirt with a white and pink flower design.

However Spirit Week isn’t just dressing up, there is also Penny Wars and Class Wars!

Penny Wars is a fundraiser run by Student Council. There is a jug for each grade for people to put pennies into. Despite the regulation that silver coins and dollars count against the pennies factored, people still do it. Luckily Oleksandra says this still counts in raising money for most likely Prom (which is happening on May 27th ). This fundraiser ran from the first day of Spirit Week until Friday of Spirit Week.  Penny Wars was won by the Sophomores, the total amount raised by all the Classes was around $150.

Class Wars is a tournament which is about four hours long and is available for viewing on Youtube. It was streamed Lindenhurst Public Schools Board Meetings channel on April 28th 2021 and the day after that because of the split in days of the event. The games were streamed on Zoom and even have the starting soon screen for about 9 ½ minutes on the first video and about 4 ½ minutes for the second. Unfortunately the audio and video is a bit distorted (and it stays like this for both videos). Class Wars holds multiple events ranging from a ultimate rock paper scissors contest to a wheelbarrow race, those were two this year, but they differ each year. One could sign up for Class Wars by going to Mr. Viggiano’s room in the week of March 22nd-26th.

Similar to Class Wars, Powder Puff was run by Student Council and recorded and put onto Youtube under a different channel called Student Council. There is a video for every grade except freshman. The rest are all recorded and posted to Youtube on April 30th. This event has significantly better audio and video than Class Wars. Two of the videos are about four and six minutes long while the Seniors is about 13 minutes long. However at the beginning of the video there is another video being projected in front of the audience from a computer to the right side. This lasts for about four minutes and then the dancing commences until at the last minutes where the boys come together and reveal their shirts that say (with one letter each) prom.

Powder Puff has been going on since 2007, just a few years after Class Wars was started. Oleksandra explains the process. The Senior girls choreographed a dance routine for the boys to act out. These dances are always approved by the committee before the day they are carried out.

Although the best case scenario of spectators being able to come wasn’t achieved, these events are still a big step in the pandemic that will hopefully become normal again.