Join the Newspaper Club Today!

“There is something for everybody!”- Mrs. Kelly


Giuliana Barberio, Staff Writer

There are many different types of clubs to join; ranging from the Baking Club to the Outdoor Club to the National Honor Society. But one that is very overlooked is the Newspaper Club run by Mrs. Kelly. This club is a fun way to get together and publish articles on a real life website, The Charles Street Times, run by the Lindenhurst High School. If you enjoy writing and creating things of your own then you should definitely consider being a part of the Newspaper Club.

Mrs. Kelly is the teacher in charge of the Newspaper Club and she finds ways to make the time fun and exciting. When you join the club, you are considered a Freelance Writer on the website, and can upload articles anytime and however many you want throughout the school year. In Mrs. Kelly’s interview she said, “Some kids don’t understand how good it looks on college resumes. To say that you worked on your school’s newspaper, colleges look at it and are impressed. It is academic involvement as well as extracurricular involvement. It is also an opportunity to write about things you enjoy.”

The current club members are always waiting for more participants to join because it makes the possibilities on the website endless. Like more articles uploaded on The Charles Street Times, group grids, and many more. 

This is Chloe Hendrickson and Juliona Bacalles’ second year writing for The Charles Street Times as Freelance Writers and they were asked by CST to share a few things about the club. “My favorite thing about the club is the freedom to write about whatever we choose. Having the freedom to write really gives me the option to branch out, learn and write about new things I’ve never written about.”, Chloe told CST during her interview.

Juliona said in her interview, “I think students who enjoy writing should join the newspaper club because it is used as a platform to express students’ ideas on creativity. Not only does it allow students to express their interests through articles, it improves their writing skills.” 

If you enjoy writing or you are taking the Journalism course as an elective then you should definitely consider joining the Newspaper Club. There are fun ways to get involved in the building and writing for the Lindy News is definitely one of them. New club members are welcome throughout the school year. If you are considering joining the club, contact Mrs. Kelly’s email [email protected]. See you there!