The Texas Abortion Ban

Anya Pawa, Staff Writer

On September 1st, 2021, the Republican Governor of Texas, Gregg Abott passed the “Texas Heartbeat Act” also known as the Senate 8 bill (S8B). The Texas Heartbeat act states that women residing in Texas cannot get an abortion after 6 weeks of pregnancy. This is a very controversial topic, about which many people have firmly held opinions. People often differentiate what they stand for by using the terms, Pro-Life, and Pro Choice. 

“Pro-lifers” believe that life begins at conception. They claim that abortion is murder and should not be legal. People who consider themselves “Pro-Choice” are often misrepresented to be pro abortion, meaning they are for all abortions. While some pro-choicers might be like this, the main principle of the term is choice. People who are pro-choice simply stand for letting the affected woman decide what she wants to do with her body. Some pro-choicers would never choose to get an abortion themselves, but they think that every woman should be entitled to that choice. 

As of today, the law is still in effect. However, the U.S Department of Justice has sued Texas. The lawsuit states that, “the state enacted the law in open defiance of the Constitution ” as well as the Supremacy Clause, and the “equal protection” that comes with the 14th amendment.  One reason why people are infuriated with the Texas government is that one of the provisions of the “Texas Heartbeat Act” is that any citizen can sue anyone that they suspect has assisted in an abortion taking place. Essentially, allowing citizens to serve as “bounty hunters” because the court authorizes them to receive at least 10,000 dollars per claim. Another concern is that the law only permits abortions up to 6 weeks. Most females don’t even know they are pregnant by 6 weeks. Giving them limited time with their decision. Others are extremely satisfied with the law. The fight is not yet over for both sides, it is left to the Supreme Court to have the final verdict.