Medical Career Presentation at LHS


Samantha Nuss , Staff Writer

On November 17th, Lindenhurst High School had the opportunity to have two wonderful women from the Medical Field at CityMD Urgent Care come and talk to various students in the school library.

Dinah (pictured on the left) is an assistant manager at 12 different locations. The reason she stuck to healthcare was because of her dad. Her dad was sick and Dinah enjoyed taking care of him. That sent her down this path to where she is now. She continued to tell the students, ”Whatever path you choose, just be passionate about it.” Dinah explained how teamwork is key in the Medical Field just like any type of sport, and many programs in high school will get you to where you want to be in the future. She does not only love the job but her team and the people around her, including creating tight bonds with the people she sees every day in healthcare.

Samantha (pictured on the right) is a scribe at CityMD and graduated from the University of Albany in 2020, during the pandemic. Samantha wants to continue her journey to be a Physician Assistant (PA). She clarified that you don’t need a degree to be a scribe or a degree for many other careers in the Medical Field. Sam goes on to tell the audience that she had seen many people from high school take on a wide variety of healthcare options like X-ray techs, Ultrasound techs, etc. Furthermore explaining that there is something for everyone in medicine and it doesn’t always have to be associated with blood. Samantha’s career goes further while working with other PAs and watching others from high school go from scribes to doctors.

While concluding the presentation with Dinah and Samantha, the students learned that you can start your medical field journey sooner rather than later with the Boces program right here in LHS. They told the audience to utilize the tools around them and explore the wide range of options available in high school. Lastly, Sam makes sure to tell the 9th-grade class to never underestimate what you can do, because you can open doors that you never even expected.