Lindenhurst Football


Madison Cohen, Staff Writer

Lindenhurst football is a big part of what makes high school special. Its the most popular sport in the school. Both the junior varsity and varsity team have so many fans and so much support. Not only do they have the support of the school, but they have tons of support from the families and the town.

The games are always so much fun for everyone, with most having a theme to them. The first game against Newfield was USA themed and the game against Huntington was a black out.

Lindenhurst is going 3-0 so far this season. They won the game against Hunttington with a score of 28-7.  On defense we had three sacks. They were made by #10, Evan Chieca, #33 Nick Rose and #34 Christian Campay.

The person with the most tackles of the night was #34 Christian Campay. Going down the list we had seven tackles made by #1 Chris Carson and #33 Nick Rose. There was five tackles by #10 Evan Chieca and four tackles made by #24 Bryan Aulino, #40 Anthony Martino, #73 Ian Webb and lastly #77 Mike Seeger.

There were three boys with three tackles and they were #15 Matt Durnin, #70 Tarrin Mussilo and #88 Martin Pusey. With two tackles we have #5 Dominic Artale and #7 Fred Meza who both happen to be seniors. Lastly we have 1 tackle for #38 Thomas Johnson, #2 Brady Dolan, #30 James Gorman and #21 Trevor Allen.

On offense we had four amazing touchdowns, one of which was a 45 yard pass and run to the end zone. There were also amazing passes made by our quarterback #8 Christian Capogna who is only a junior. Some of our amazing touchdowns were made by #5 Dominic Artale and #2 Brady Dolan. We have an amazing offense but our defense surely does know how to block. Come down and support the Lindenhurst Bulldogs at their next game so you can watch the magic happen!