Homecoming 2022

“West Babylon has nothing on us”.

Courtesy of the Lindenhurst Instagram Page

Courtesy of the Lindenhurst Instagram Page @lindenhurstufsd

Giuliana Barberio, Staff Writer

Each year, during the cool fall season, students fill the stands to cheer on their home team. Excitement roars through the Lindy crowd as they clap and yell phrases “You got this!” or “Go, go, go!”, making sure their voices boom louder than the opposing team’s class. This years homecoming game was against West Babylon. The teams are relatively similar regarding their results—both having more wins than losses—but who left the field in victory and who didn’t? 

This year’s theme, the same as all the previous homecoming games, was Pink Out. The theme Pink Out is a show of support for Breast Cancer survivors, as well as a way to help spread awareness of the disease. The Lindenhurst dance team was gifted new and sparkling pink poms to coincide with their classmates, dressed head to toe in wide variations of the color pink. 

Residents of Lindenhurst set about the town’s center, their cars lining the streets, as they all got ready to watch the annual Homecoming Day Parade hosted by the students and faculty of the district. Each grade received a different theme for their float—which was countries—and spent weeks preparing for the day. It was announced later in the game that the seniors won first place for their America-themed float.

The marching band kicked off the parade with their drum majors, Lauren Walker and Kayla Crisdell, leading them down to the Lindenhurst Middle School. 

As the first quarter began and the clock went down, the tension between both teams started to grow. Over the past few weeks, West Babylon and Lindenhurst have been head to head on social media, debating who is the greater of the two. West Babylon would argue their school has the better football team, but given that Lindy got the first touchdown of the game—during the first quarter—that opinion could be easily discredited.

Following another touchdown from Lindenhurst, the halftime show officially commenced, with performances from the Lindenhurst Dance and Cheer team and the Lindenhurst Marching Band and Color Guard. A week before the game, the dance team has been working on perfecting their new move—all the girl’s poms create the shape of a breast cancer ribbon. The latest addition to their routine was a clever way to incorporate the event’s theme, leaving the crowd applauding. 

Courtesy of the Lindenhurst Instagram Page @lindenhurstufsd

The marching band and color guard subsequently spread out amongst the field and began their half of the show.

As the game neared the end, Lindy was excited to finish with 14 points ahead of the opposing team. The final score was 20-6, and the side of the stands belonging to West Babylon was inaudible. Leaving the Lindenhurst crowd—students and parents—ecstatic. 

As expected, the buzzer went off, declaring that the Lindenhurst Bulldogs won the Homecoming game of 2022. Fans were delighted with the results, and pink silly string rained on the crowd. After a long and memorable day, Lindy can officially say (with complete confidence) that West Babylon has nothing on us.