Mauna Loa becomes Part of the Dual Eruption Occurrence

Mauna Loa becomes Part of the Dual Eruption Occurrence

Samantha Bronakowski, Staff Writer

On November 28, 2022 in Hawai’i, United States,  The Mauna Loa volcano erupted on the island called Big Island. The volcano was dormant for 40 years. Along with this eruption, another has been happening for only over a year– The Kilauea. Only being 1 mile apart, these are two of the closest active volcanoes in history.

Many were not surprised when The Mauna Loa erupted, since it has erupted 33 times over the last 138 years. Though, the last eruption of the volcano was in 1983, so it has been 40 years since its last eruption.

Air quality has decreased dramatically due to the smoke and the ash, so healthcare officials are sharing their concern to stay indoors and away from the smoke, to ensure safety. They call this ‘vog’, which means volcanic smog, and it affects sensitive groups, such as children, the elderly, and anyone with respiratory issues since they could be severely affected and even be hospitalized.

So far no houses have been destroyed, but there is still a possibility. As it is still moving down the area, and going farther than originally predicted

The Kilauea is another volcano which has been active for a while, way before the Mauna Loa volcano erupted. It has flooded the Halemaumau Crater, and still going even now. Kilauea has been erupting since the late summer of 2021. Both volcanoes are erupting on the Big Islands, and are dangerously close to each other.

Officials are advising people to stay alert and safe in this emergency.