A Look Into Protests In Iran

A Look Into Protests In Iran

Aleena Pawa, Staff Writer

Protests against the oppressive laws that women in Iran have had to endure for more than forty years are currently taking place. It was four months after the overturn of Roe V. Wade when the protests began. The Iranian protests sprouted due to the death of 22 year old, Masha Amini. This woman was arrested for improperly wearing her hijab and then was harshly beaten by the morality police. Amini was taken to the hospital after gaining severe injuries from the beating. Her family, along with all the women in Iran were devastated to hear of her passing the following day. The story was published by journalist Niloofar Hamedi. Heartbreak and frustration spread internationally because of this tragedy, which led “#MahsaAmini” to become trending on twitter.

Outraged, women began protests as a way to fight back. The first one took place in the western city of Saqqez, after Ms. Amini’s funeral where the women collectively decided to rip off their hijabs. Protests continued following that event with demands of more freedom. There have been instances where women have set on fire and burned their hijabs. They have cut their hair in public and shouted the chants, “Women, Life, Freedom” and “Death to the dictator”, which is referring to the supreme leader. All of these things are against the Islamic religion, which is the common practice of Iran. Women feel as though their rights have been stripped away and they should be able to dictate their own choices of what they want to do. They want to gain freedom from this government. A hate for the force of a hijab is spreading because people feel that they shouldn’t HAVE to wear one. Women’s rights are terribly restricted in Iran; they are only allowed certain things and are banned from basic human rights. Schoolgirls have also been projecting their support by rallying in playgrounds and streets. There are also a handful of men and teenage boys who are showing empathy and taking part in protests to stand with the womens demands.

Authorities have tried various things to put the protests to rest. They have been attempting to stop them with force. They have ruthlessly repressed anti-government protests. Their reactions have been with excessive lethal force. Things are getting violent in Iran. Several protesters and police officers have been killed from these riots. The BBC is not allowed to report from the inside of Iran, so it is hard to verify the statements being made by state media. It is said that 234 people, including children, were murdered by police. Although security has denied this, there are recordings of them firing ammunition.

This issue is significant and important because it affects a whole generation of women ahead. Even though it does not affect us personally, it is taking a toll on thousands of women and children that we need to stand with and support. People are being killed and severely injured. Women need to be able to dictate their own lives and how they want to live it. They deserve rights as much as men and should be treated equally. This injustice has been going on for a long time and there needs to be a change.