Anthony Volpe welcomed to the New York Yankees


Frankie Shaughnessy, Staff Writer

As the MLB pre-season began, the New York Yankees utilized their Minor and Triple A teams to see if any players would be worthy to make it to the major league team, or possibly play up occasionally. While the pre-season games were going on, many players were putting themselves out there, and working hard to show the franchise what their skills were, and what their work ethic looked like. Players were utilized by being put in positions they’ve played before, trying out new positions, or even becoming designated hitters.

During the pre-season, The Yankees and fans alike quickly gained interest in a minor league player named Anthony Volpe. Anthony Volpe is a 21 year old baseball player originally from New Jersey, who plays shortstop. Volpe was quickly liked for his drive for the game, incredible fielding, and hitting. Volpe efficiently showed that he was all for the game and team, and enjoyed playing with the major players.

On March 26th, the New York Yankees welcomed Anthony Volpe as a permanent member to the major league team, and even confirmed the huge accomplishment of being on the 2023 opening day roster for the Yankees. The news was delivered to him by manager, Aaron Boone, and the general manager, Brian Cashman. They expressed that Volpe worked seriously hard in the games he played during the pre-season, and that he earned this opportunity.

New York Yankee fans are beyond excited to hear about Volpe becoming an official player, and that a new great player is being added to the mix. Many fans see Volpe growing immensely on the Yankees, and feeling that things can only get better from here. As the new 2023 season starts, Volpe is set to be in game rosters plenty of times. Anthony Volpe will wear #11, which was worn by former Yankee, Brett Gardner.