Clubs Wars Dodge Ball Tournament


Chauncy Lewis, Staff Writer

Many Lindenhurst students participated in the Club Wars Dodge Ball Tournament hosted by the Italian Club.  This event  started at 6pm on Thursday, November 9, 2017. All money went to The Red Cross, to help with the series of destructive hurricanes that impacted many people at home and abroad. The tournament raised $373. It cost $2 for an individual to enter and $20 for a team to enter. Kyle Yodice who organized the event said, “This game had everything we need drama comebacks and a great cause in the end.”

The competition in the gym that night was intense.  It was fun to watch on team attack another and one person being able to bring down an entire team all by themselves.  The Drama club’s enthusiasm helped them make it very far. The teams that participated were Ski Club, Deep Freeze, Dodging In The Snow, Key Club, Lock Smith, Robotics Club, Drama Club had three teams, DECA and Italian Club . The Ski Club made it to the semi finals before the Italian Club won the whole tournament in first place, with ski club in second. In some situations, a whole team was against just one person. That made it harder for other players in the club wars event. Ski club made it pretty far with them winning against all the other dodge ball teams, but when they went against Italian club they lost. Italian Club barely lost people on their team when Ski Club versed Italian.  

Mr.Rossillo who is the advisor for the Italian Club was really pleased with the tournament and the turn out.  Mr.Rossillo stated, “I am  thrilled with the participation of all the clubs.”  Brandon Naccari, a member of the Italian Club said the great thing about dodge ball is,  “If you fall 7 times you can get up 8 times.”