Terror in Manhattan


Edward Curry, Staff Writer

On December 11, 2017, an attempted terror attack surprised commuters and New Yorkers after a man detonated a bomb in a New York subway system. Reports say that the man was identified as 27-year-old, Akayed Ullah from Bangladesh. The New York City law enforcement report said that Ullah constructed the bomb out of a 12-inch long pipe, filled with gunpowder. The bomb essentially is known as a pipe bomb. It was rigged with a 9-volt battery and had nails protruding out of the bomb.

The terror attack is a controversial subject in the news because on December 5, just seven days before the attack, Donald Trump stated that he recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Ullah was said to have been inspired by the Islamic State (ISIS) and other radical Islamist and Muslim extremism propaganda. The Islamic State however has not come out and declared responsibility for the attack. Ullah has no affiliation with the Islamic State, but has committed the act in opposition to the “oppression” of Muslims over the years.

There is video of the attack captured by security cameras that show the bomb detonating. Witness say after the smoke from the bomb cleared, people were able to see three bodies on the ground who were injured by the bomb. The attack was a very scary and upsetting day in New York City. Just as the holiday season approaches, radicals attacked the Big Apple and brought turmoil to the commuters of New York City. New Yorkers will remain strong after the attacks and are thankful that the attack didn’t bring more destruction than it did.