The Logan Paul Finds Dead Body And Vlogs It



Nick Rippo, Staff Writer

Recently there has been a great deal of drama surrounding the ex-vine YouTuber Logan Paul, one of the many internet “celebrities” that was part of the dreaded viner invasion. This drama surrounding the videos he posted recently involving his trip to Japan, in which he is now wanted by the police. On his trip to Japan, Logan visited the Aokigahara Forest or as many know it, the Suicide forest. He went off trail and found a dead body. He and his friends then videotaped the entire thing lingering there vlogging without calling the police for some time.

They stood around the body videotaping it up close and commenting about its condition, then laughing and making jokes, almost using it as a prop. This whole video was absolutely sickening and no decent person could upload that. YouTube didn’t even take the video down when they saw it, in fact there was a manual review done on it. It wasn’t until Logan got a huge backlash that he took it down for himself. Eventually due to pressures from the community, YouTube also cut ties with him all together. This can be compared to when YouTube cut ties immediately with the largest YouTuber ever, PewDiePie after he just blurted out an offensive word on stream, yet when Logan shows a dead body on YouTube which is completely against terms of service, YouTube takes a week to even react. There is an obvious bias toward these ex-viners because they seem family friendly and make millions of dollars for YouTube.

People have also noticed the obnoxious and outright disrespectful way Logan acted during the other parts of his trip to Japan. Running around in the streets screaming, yelling and cursing in an ancient Buddhist temple so sacred to some that they must cleanse themselves with precise rituals before entering. He bought a fish and an octopus tentacle then proceeded to run around with them and shove them into random people’s faces, and after getting bored with this leaving the raw fish and tentacle on top of a moving taxi. Then the next day dressing up as Pokemon with his friends and throwing pokeballs at people including a police officer that was in the middle of reprimanding him for his disrespect. These are only some of his actions which may cost him some viewers.