Students Stand Up to Walk Out

Students Demand to be Heard


Chris Diliberto, Breaking News Editor

A different taste was left in the American public’s mouths when news of Nikolas Cruz’s heinous act broke, frustration. Not long into the aftermath of the shooting students, who had survived the shooting, had been fueled with anger and frustration with our government and the NRA. “If our president is going to just send ‘thoughts and prayers’ then it is time that the victims are the change we need to see,” stated surviving student, Emma Gonzalez. The encouragement and determination shown by the surviving students in Parkland, inspired millions across the nation to help take a stand.

Social Media has become the main outlet for protesting students to help get the word out to their peers across America. Millions of users creating lists of demands of what needs to be fixed, such as stricter gun requirements and new laws allowing our Government to confiscate licensed firearms.  On Tuesday March 6, 2018, students in Baltimore set the example for the rest of the communities taking part in this protest. Students of high schools across the city walked out of their classrooms and lead their protest through the city streets of Baltimore chanting “GUNS DOWN,” right to city hall claimed The Baltimore Sun.

However, some students might not have the same opportunity to join the rest of the country in the roaring activism. The state of Washington released a statement addressing the issue claiming that any student that leaves class will be given and “inexcusable” absence for the day. Even with these consequences it doesn’t seem to be slowing down student as they still prepare to protest and exercise their rights, many rights which students are not aware that they are allowed to exercise.

Lindenhurst High School will not be participating in the event on March 14. Instead we will be stepping out into the hallway for the 17 minutes to pay our respects for the 17 victims lost and to comfort peers if needed due to the horrific shooting. This tradeoff is to ensure our safety the students here in Lindenhurst. However, some student disagree with the compromise, “It is disgusting that our school district has taken the easy way out of solving this issue, compared to our neighboring school districts,” said Treasure of the class of 2018, Mae Vine. This event has been known since it was announce almost a month ago, so why not plan a more survised event? Such as the annual triapholon around the high school, or when they bus students to football games. It is imperative that our students speak out and peacefully protest. Allow the students to let our lawmakers know we have had enough of our peers having their limbs blown off with an automatic rifle. Lindenhurst should stand on the right side of history.